The Gravity Recycler Rig is outfitted with a 14.5 mm female joint. It features a fixed downstem-to-matrix perc and an open cyclone drain. There’s a drain hole that pours out of the bottom of the cyclone drain through open air and back into the perc chamber below. The water only drains when you’re not inhaling.

When you use this rig, your smoke is taken on a journey through multiple levels of filtration to give you a smooth & satisfying hit that’s full of flavor. The design of this pipe eliminates splashback, so you never end up with used water in your mouth.

The Gravity Recycler is made of thick scientific glass and has color accents on the mouthpiece, recycler tubes, base, and the handle of the included glass herb slide. The iconic Pulsar logo is embossed on the bent neck. This incredible water pipe ships in varying accent colors, depending on availability.

Straight Tube Bongs – Used for a simpler, larger, and quicker hit, perfect for those who are using a bong for the first time.

Beaker bongs – You’ll look like a scientist while using these water pipes. Shaped like a conical flask, the beaker water pipes’ base generates a higher quantity of smoke.

Percolators/Bubblers – these pipes’ important feature is their ability to filter your smoke, due to their slits which defuse the smoke, allowing it to cool faster.


– The water in your pipe is meant to work as a filter, trapping the heavier particles and preventing toxins from entering into your airway.

– The smoke hits inhaled are much bigger

– Another purpose of the water is to cool the smoke, to reduce the burning sensation in your throat. 

– Bongs can separate tars from the smoke, so that they will stick onto the pipe’s walls instead of reaching into your lungs.

– They come in different shapes and sizes, giving you options to choose from a variety of designs with numerous features

When using a bong, you’ll have to make sure that you’re using a proper amount of tobacco or herbs to get a decent quantity smoke.

Fill up your water pipe with the desired liquid, to experience different flavours when smoking. Some people choose to fill it with alcohol, tea, even fizzy drinks. 

Light your herb and inhale, checking the quantity of smoke that’s being pulled. 

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